S01E18 Once Bitten, Twice Die


Scorpion S01E18 Once Bitten, Twice Die (09.03.2015)
Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
iMDB Rating7.2 / 10


Director Merrick needs the team to help rescue peace talks between top delegations from White Russia, Latvia and Lithuania, whose border dispute may escalate into an East European war that could trigger World war III. Paige seems to break the ice by bringing them together in a vodka ritual, but president Kreshenko collapses, poisoned. Walter's team must urgently identify the snake venom and culprit, and manufacture and administer an antidote within hours, despite security agents holding everyone off at gunpoint. Walter faces his fears in the nearest reptile center, which legally can't cooperate, and helps Paige make a history exam in time.

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Scorpion S01E18 Once Bitten, Twice Die (09.03.2015)