Criminal Minds

S10E21 Mr. Scratch


Criminal Minds S10E21 Mr. Scratch (22.04.2015)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating7.9 / 10


The BAU is holding three different murderers - Larry Merrin, Daniel Karras and Christine McNeil. In each case, the victim is a loved one, with each murder taking place in a different part of the country. Christine is in a semi-comatose state. In the other two cases, the male murderers tell similar fantastical stories of not killing the victim, but of smelling burning sage before feeling ill and then being attacked by a shadow monster with talons. In both instances, they use the exact same terminology of "shadow monster" and "talon". The BAU knows that the killers were somehow placed under a psychotic suggestion using a drug. Each of the three murderers were adopted in 1985 when they were three or four years old, leading to the thought that each crossed paths with the unsub in the adoption system. When a fourth similar story arises, they realize another similar link between the four situations are people who have had what they believed to be repressed memories but were actually ...

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Criminal Minds S10E21 Mr. Scratch (22.04.2015)