S02E01 Heirs of Salvation


Dominion S02E01 Heirs of Salvation (09.07.2015)
Christopher Egan, Tom Wisdom, Roxanne McKee
iMDB Rating8.4 / 10


An unexpected attack on Gabriel's Aerie puts a newly-freed Alex and Noma on the road to New Delphi, a dangerous and mysterious city. Gabriel is close behind. Meanwhile, Claire begins to understand the breadth of her responsibility as Lady of the City as we reveal it was her strategic command that left The Aerie in ruins. Michael stumbles upon a quaint southern town whose residents have inexplicably managed to insulate themselves from the fallout of The Extermination War, hinting at a mystery Michael is driven to solve.

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Dominion S02E01 Heirs of Salvation (09.07.2015)