Criminal Minds

S11E03 'Til Death Do Us Part


Criminal Minds S11E03 'Til Death Do Us Part (14.10.2015)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating6.6 / 10


The BAU's continued work on the Dirty Dozen case without much substantive progression takes its toll especially on Garcia, who is worried she won't find out who the dozen targets are before they are murdered. Meanwhile, the team has a new case in Savannah, Georgia, where brides-to-be in town for their bachelorette party from elsewhere are found murdered, with the actual murders taking place the night of the bar hopping parties. The other similarities between the two victims thus far are that their dead bodies were found in a dumpster, and both were wearing sashes identifying themselves as brides-to-be. Shortly after the team's arrival in town, another victim is discovered. Based on her death and the autopsy of the second victim, the team discovers that the unsub is a female with mental health issues, she who has self-esteem issues as well as a nervous habit of biting her fingernails. Being engaged herself, Lewis may have special insight into the case, that insight which could prove ...

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Criminal Minds S11E03 'Til Death Do Us Part (14.10.2015)