S01E13 What Are You Doing Here?


Greenleaf S01E13 What Are You Doing Here? (31.08.2016)
Merle Dandridge, Kim Hawthorne, Desiree Ross
iMDB Rating8.0 / 10


The Bishop visits Mac, and Mac asks him to be a character witness at his hearing, threating that he won't have a way to keep paying Henry hush money from jail. The Bishop refuses. Basie Skanks drives Jacob to a plot of land across from Calvary where he intends to build a $40 million community center for Triumph there and says the Lord is calling Jacob to be the face of the organization. Henry comes to Calvary looking for Lady Mae. Noah intercepts him, and Grace learns that Henry is terminally ill. She asks Kevin to help find Henry somewhere to live, and Kevin agrees. Kerissa learns the schools TCAP scores increased suspiciously and Excellence's accreditation will not be renewed until after the board launches an inquiry into suspected cheating in Isabel's class. Lady Mae gives a sermon about "The Virtuous Woman" and the audience misinterprets it as her endorsement of Grace as the interim preacher at Calvary. Grace tells the Bishop she wants to go back to Phoenix with Sophia, but Bishop...

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Greenleaf S01E13 What Are You Doing Here? (31.08.2016)