Criminal Minds

S11E06 Pariahville


Criminal Minds S11E06 Pariahville (04.11.2015)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating6.6 / 10


The BAU heads to Glenport Village, Florida to investigate a single murder, that of resident, adult and married Paige Lincoln, by stabbing, she who was wearing a recently purchased cheerleader uniform. What makes this case one for the BAU is not Paige per se, but Glenport Village, which is a planned community of close to two thousand non-violent sex offenders, such as voyeurs, flashers, and statutory rapists. Lewis had been directly involved with the community and knows Reverend Jorge Santos, who oversees the self-isolating community and is also a resident, he who was convicted of statutory rape forty years ago, but who has been happily married to his "victim" when she became of age. Santos screens the people before they are allowed to move into the community. Santos' goal is reform through self-policing. The general thought is that one of the residents is the unsub. Law enforcement for the community is by Sheriff Paul Desario, who is overprotective of his two children despite not ...

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Criminal Minds S11E06 Pariahville (04.11.2015)