S04E05 Promised


Vikings S04E05 Promised (17.03.2016)
Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen
iMDB Rating7.9 / 10


King Ecbert, who feels he can't resist eternal damnation for his earthly realm, Aethelwuf, who realizes Judith's incestuous adultery resumed, and Kwindreth convince reluctant ally king Aella they must invade Mercia to take her throne back from an usurping loner war lord. Bjorn grows even more suspicious of 'king' Harold when his brother Halfdan arrives with a fleet to raid Paris and learns the usurper carried Horik's ring. Now Rollo is Ghisla's loving spouse, he takes charge of Paris's defense against his own people's next attack. The Paris count's ambitious deputy Roland and his sister convince the weak emperor that Odo's own ambition may turn him usurper. Earl Kalf proposes to Lagertha, but she chooses their wedding day to fatally stab him 'as promised'. Increasingly fixated on the freed Chinese, Ragnar confides into Yidu hat age worn off his raiding spirit and is told she's an imperial bastard by a concubine. Anslaugh's cripple son Ivar, whom Floki minded, seizes an ax when barely ...

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Vikings S04E05 Promised (17.03.2016)