Criminal Minds

S11E09 Internal Affairs


Criminal Minds S11E09 Internal Affairs (02.12.2015)
Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler
iMDB Rating5.3 / 10


Hotch is asked as a favor by Tony Axelrod of the NSA to work on a case of three missing DEA agents in El Paso, Texas who were working on a joint NSA/DEA case to dismantle a Mexican drug cartel called Libertad with both in the field and online components. One of those three agents has since been found murdered, the face of his dead body covered by another dead man's face, that second victim not yet identified. The specific reason Axelrod has asked for this favor is that he believes the agents were given up by a mole, the specific person he suspects being Assistant DEA Director Bernard Graff. Axelrod wants to go this route as he does not want to tip off Graff that he is being investigated (which would be the case if Internal Affairs was conducting the investigation). The BAU would have an outward motive to work on this case as it would be connected to Giuseppe Montolo and the Dirty Dozen case. The only other team member who Hotch is able to confide in as to the rationale for working on ...

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Criminal Minds S11E09 Internal Affairs (02.12.2015)