Line of Duty

S03E03 Episode #3.3


Line of Duty S03E03 Episode #3.3 (07.04.2016)
Leanne Best, Vicky McClure, Arsher Ali
iMDB Rating8.5 / 10


Jackie and Hari tell the AC Unit that Rod killed Danny Waldron but the team are not convinced and later Jackie changes her story, incriminating Hari in Danny and Rod's deaths. As a result Hari goes on the run and Cottan is declared an unlikely hero. Steve finds out from Joe Nash, who was in care with Waldron, that they were abused at a home for boys, whose staff numbered the Murphys, the two recent victims and he also learns the result of Lindsay's retrial.

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Line of Duty S03E03 Episode #3.3 (07.04.2016)