S02E09 US vs. UN vs. UK


Scorpion S02E09 US vs. UN vs. UK (16.11.2015)
Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


The British secret service blackmails Homeland Security into fielding the Scorpion team, which will otherwise be set up as murders, into eliminating at any cost African dictatorship ambassador and arms dealer to Latin America revolutions Madaky at his UN General Assembly speech turn. Walters' team wrestles with morality and logistics, yet take so the daunting challenge, whichn seems to go all wrong, buts ends in multiple twists. Meanwhile Walter gets a court order to prevent Megan being euthanized, but lover Sylvester keeps his promise to end her suffering.

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Scorpion S02E09 US vs. UN vs. UK (16.11.2015)