Bob's Burgers

S06E05 Nice-Capades


Bob's Burgers S06E05 Nice-Capades (15.11.2015)
H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman
iMDB Rating7.6 / 10


It is late December at OMG Mall and the Belcher kids are tired of waiting for the massage chair. Louise incites her siblings to aid and abet in the unseating of a white-bearded man. But, the man scares them by donning a red suit and talking of making reports to the North. Louise has a horrible nightmare about Mr. 5748 and his annual report, so she plots the production of "Nicecapades" at Rinky Dink on the Eve of the big day. Gene stretches the truth and Tina even manages a yank or two on its fibers. But, Louise learns her limits. Louise also learns that a starter shark is not all that bad.

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Bob's Burgers S06E05 Nice-Capades (15.11.2015)