S04E04 The Score


Motive S04E04 The Score (05.09.2016)
Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


The killer: Hank Novak, the owner/manager of the Chieftain, a financially troubled live music venue/bar in Squamish. The victim: Vince Hutton, an ex-con just released from twenty years behind bars for drug smuggling, Hank's old friend from high school, and most recently the Chieftain's doorman. Vince's dead body is found outside in a remote area of Squamish, he killed by blunt force trauma to the head, the murder weapon some unknown metal object of a small roundish nature. The detectives know that Vince was killed elsewhere by the lack of blood at the crime scene. From Vince's new girlfriend, the detectives also know that Vince recently came into some money, more than a doorman would make, and in the process, in an unfortunate way for Angie, stumble upon another active investigation on the movement of stolen counterfeit goods. The person under investigation in that case, Levi Foster, becomes a primary suspect as Vince's murderer. But to discover the true motive for the murder, they ...

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Motive S04E04 The Score (05.09.2016)