S04E10 In Plain Sight


Motive S04E10 In Plain Sight (26.09.2016)
Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


The victim: Chloe Wilson. The killer: Jessica Wilson, her older sister. Chloe's "Jane Doe" dead body is found in a house under construction, she killed by several shots by a nail gun. She is eventually identified by one of the home subcontractors, Cam Riley, her boyfriend of three months, the two who were supposed to rendezvous at the house to test out the just installed amazing bathtub the evening before, with Cam needing to cancel their date. It is then that the detectives discover the Wilsons' story... Twenty years ago, Ava Wilson, Chloe and Jessica's mother, was estranged from her husband, Jeremy Sheridan, the children's father. Three year old Chloe was abducted by her father. Jessica, then an adolescent, witnessed the incident, and still feels guilty for not having been able to save her sister. Ava is now close to death, she at stage IV cirrhosis of the liver, with Jessica dedicating her life as her caregiver. Jessica decided once again, after many failed attempts, to hire a ...

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Motive S04E10 In Plain Sight (26.09.2016)