S04E12 Chronology of Pain


Motive S04E12 Chronology of Pain (03.10.2016)
Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


The victim: Judge Natalie Rodman, one of Angie's old law professors and someone who was instrumental in her changing her life around and getting into police work. The killer: Lexi Moore, one of Judge Rodman's new law clerks. The case, which starts off as an arson call at Judge Rodman and her writer husband Brent Rodman's house, has Angie as acting Staff Sergeant with Oscar's retirement, Brian trying to avoid Sergeant Saunders who wants to speak to him, and both Angie and Brian being reunited with a now more mature face from their professional past. The arson in question was an exploding barbecue, which the arson detectives discover was a purposefully set "bomb" of sorts in the form of three hidden butane tanks planted inside the barbecue which would explode when ignited. The Rodmans believe that if it was indeed a murder attempt, Judge Rodman was the target as the known chef between the two of them, and as she probably has many enemies that have come before her in her court. ...

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Motive S04E12 Chronology of Pain (03.10.2016)