S04E13 We'll Always Have Homicide


Motive S04E13 We'll Always Have Homicide (03.10.2016)
Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny
iMDB Rating8.2 / 10


The victim: Trent McAllister, the owner of International Bailiff Services, a company that specializes in high end repossessions. His mangled dead body is found next to a helicopter he was probably repossessing, he killed by being caught in the helicopter's moving rear rotor. The killer: Lexi Moore, the young woman who three years earlier killed Judge Natalie Rodman and mechanic Mark Duff, the two associated cases still unsolved. The Metro Vancouver Homicide Department investigating the case is comprised of Sergeant Gavin Saunders, and Detectives Paula Mazur and Mitch Kennecki. Some stray cat hairs at the crime scene tie this case back to that of Judge Rodman's. As such, those who worked on Judge Rodman's investigation are called back into service for this case, those being Sergeant Brian Lucas with Internal Affairs, and Paris-based Interpol Agent Angie Flynn. This case is a bittersweet reunion for Angie with Oscar, as besides Oscar's want for Angie to return to Vancouver permanently ...

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Motive S04E13 We'll Always Have Homicide (03.10.2016)