Criminal Minds

S11E19 Tribute


Criminal Minds S11E19 Tribute (30.03.2016)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating6.7 / 10


The BAU team members are still feeling the loss of Morgan, who has quit the unit for a more stable life with his wife and son. But with one down, there is the temporary return of another in the form of Interpol agent Emily Prentiss, who is certain that a Son of Sam copycat killer in New York City is the same person she has been following through Europe doing copycat killings of famous serial killers. Prentiss had almost captured the unsub in London, that operation which claimed the life of a Scotland Yard operative named Louise Hulland. The team is able to get a description of the unsub from a survivor of the New York killings and produce an artist's rendering for distribution, a visual which Prentiss had not got previously. The team has to figure out what the unsub's next move will be following his Son of Sam spree and where that will take him. Through it all, Prentiss admits that she has had a recurring nightmare pertaining to the case. What she does not divulge however is why this ...

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Criminal Minds S11E19 Tribute (30.03.2016)