S03E06 Truth and Dignity


Tyrant S03E06 Truth and Dignity (10.08.2016)
Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Moran Atias
iMDB Rating7.9 / 10


Fauzi comes clean to Daliyah about his feelings for her. An incident that happens at the Truth & Dignity commission leads to several decisions, including from Daliyah about Fauzi's admission and a subsequent question. Others include: Barry wanting to take harder action against those who are contemplating killing for the Caliphate in the name of Islam, whether it be organized under the Caliphate or individually initiated; Al-Qadi feeling the need that it is finally time to talk to Ihab; and Leila taking a calculated chance with regard to the request made to her from Daliyah to appear in front of the commission and with regard to her current role in Barry's government, especially in light of her relationship with Cogswell. Also in light of the incident, the vetting process at the refugee camp becomes more stringent, placing the lives of the innocent in limbo, not being able to move on, and not wanting to go back to Syria to face probable death. El-Amin comes into the radar of the ...

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Tyrant S03E06 Truth and Dignity (10.08.2016)