Blood Drive

S01E03 Steel City Nightfall


Blood Drive S01E03 Steel City Nightfall (28.06.2017)
Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Dominique
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


Leaving Pixie Swallows in their rear view mirror, Arthur & Grace are now on to the next leg of the race to Utah. On the way they get a flat outside Steel City, and the only way to not finish last is to take a short cut through Steel City, it is the Detroit of this universe. Only problem is that most residents are now flesh eating gas guzzling mutants. Once they stop, they get trapped in Steel City, only to find out it may be their last stop no matter what is to happen as the Camaro is impounded by humans. That is the least of their problems as the mutants known as "glimmers" are now surrounding them after nightfall ! Will Grace and Barbie(Graces name for Arther) get the Camaro back and criss the finish line in time? Or be another meal for the glimmers?

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Blood Drive S01E03 Steel City Nightfall (28.06.2017)