Blood Drive

S01E05 The Dead


Blood Drive S01E05 The Dead (12.07.2017)
Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Dominique
iMDB Rating8.1 / 10


It is now Night 5 of the Blood Drive. Grace and Barbie(Anthony) are beating Slink up to find out where Karma(Graces sister) is now that the Kane Hill Hospital is no longer holding her and the patients are running the show. An unknown couple, Richard & Diane show up at the Meville Race Starting Line and proceed to infect everyone at the starting line of Night 5 and turning them into the undead. Anthony's partner Christopher is still at one of Heart's headquarters being lured into working for Heart Enterprises, who control everything in the world.Will Grace & Barbie(Anthony) secumb to the Dionysus Virus and become the walking dead? Will they survive Night 5? Will Christopher start working for Heart now that he owes $20 million for his new eye? Are Richard & Diane working for Heart? Are they looking for Slink to kill him? Is there really a cure for The Dionysus Virus?

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Blood Drive S01E05 The Dead (12.07.2017)