Blood Drive

S01E06 Booby Traps


Blood Drive S01E06 Booby Traps (19.07.2017)
Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Dominique
iMDB Rating8.0 / 10


The race is back under way from Meadeville after everyone was infected by the Dionysus Virus the night before, after Grace finds the cure by none other then Slink. Now helped out by Slink, Grace & Barbie now know where Karna(Graces sister) is located. Slink warns them that "the rules still apply, if you come in last you die". Now Christopher is trying to find out what he can from Hearts secret record room, The Hall of Secrets". While there he runs into Slink and is told his new eye is watching everything he does! Will Grace & Barbie(Graces pet name for Anthony) keep running into Booby Traps? Will they survive the beautiful women from the motorcycle gang? Will they get back on the road and try not to hit the brakes, as they find out the motor shuts down for 10 minutes when they use the brakes!?

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Blood Drive S01E06 Booby Traps (19.07.2017)