S02E23 Chernobyl Intentions


Scorpion S02E23 Chernobyl Intentions (18.04.2016)
Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas
iMDB Rating7.8 / 10


Engineer Oksana Nastrova gets the team to help determine the exact spot to place the mobile sarcophagus over the Chernobyl reactor before the poor quality Sovuet concrete casing breaks down. Toby remains at home with Ralphie to coordinate, having testified against the release from prison psychiatry of former team member Mark Collins, actually in vain. Attempts to assess the Ukrainian mess go bad as Oksana looses control of her airplane, with Sly aboard, and Walter of the police and bomb squad robot at the radioactive lava core. During a risky rescue, Fearless rescuer Walter gets trapped with Paige, needing a kiss of life, yet back home still lacks courage to ask her out rather then rival Tim.

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Scorpion S02E23 Chernobyl Intentions (18.04.2016)