Criminal Minds

S12E01 The Crimson King


Criminal Minds S12E01 The Crimson King (28.09.2016)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating6.7 / 10


The eighth of thirteen serial killers that recently escaped from prison has just been apprehended. The latest capture and many of the others were led by Agent Luke Alvez, who sees his role in the FBI solely as a manhunter. He accepts the invitation to join the BAU in the search for number nine, Daniel Cullen aka the Crimson King, who seems to have surfaced in the Tempe, Arizona area. Alvez's interest in Cullen is a personal one. Cullen's latest victim, a young man named Brian Phillips, emerges from the desert with all the hallmarks of Cullen's victims: his arms bound behind his head to an arm stretcher, and a word carved into his abdomen, in this case the letters "BAU". Hotch and Tara quickly notice that the abdominal wounds are not hallmark to Cullen, being much more shallow than Cullen would have inflicted. In interviewing Brian and gleaning from him what little he remembers of his abduction, the team comes to the conclusion that the perpetrator of this crime is not Cullen but the ...

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Criminal Minds S12E01 The Crimson King (28.09.2016)