Top of the Lake

S02E03 Surrogate


Top of the Lake S02E03 Surrogate (01.08.2017)
Elisabeth Moss, Carole Sharkey-Waters, Mary Rachel Brown
iMDB Rating7.8 / 10


Without delay, after the grave and unanticipated results concerning the mismatched DNA between the murdered China Girl and her underdeveloped foetus, Robin is stimulated into action following a hunch. In the meantime, out of the blue, Adrian feels the need to let Robin in on a frank and sudden disclosure, while at the same time, a gathering in honour of Alexander will inevitably bring the infatuated young Mary and her true birth mother, Robin, finally together. As a result, Robin who struggles to make up for lost time gradually takes pleasure in their timid, yet marvellously interesting and vital relationship, still, an inescapable face-to-face encounter with a sour remnant from New Zealand's not-so-distant past, will lead to incendiary consequences.

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Top of the Lake S02E03 Surrogate (01.08.2017)