Criminal Minds

S12E04 Keeper


Criminal Minds S12E04 Keeper (26.10.2016)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating6.9 / 10


The BAU heads to the Appalachian Trail less than one hundred miles away from Quantico as State Trooper Jim Carson, investigating a shoplifting case by a homeless man, found the man's camp just off the trail - but no man - his camp which included a bag of body parts. After separating the body parts, the medical examiner determines that they belong to four middle aged Caucasian men and one twenty-something Caucasian woman. The bodies were crudely hacked apart, the victims killed anywhere from approximately one year ago to a few weeks ago, the woman the latest victim. The store where the shoplifting occurred has surveillance footage of the homeless man, who, according to one account, looks like he would not have the cognitive ability to tie his shoes. All he stole was dog food and nothing for himself to eat, leading to the team believing that his food source is his victims, and that the killings are not targeted but rather incidents of opportunity. When the team is able to identify the ...

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Criminal Minds S12E04 Keeper (26.10.2016)