Top of the Lake

S02E02 The Loved One


Top of the Lake S02E02 The Loved One (01.08.2017)
Elisabeth Moss, Mark Leonard Winter, Marny Kennedy
iMDB Rating7.9 / 10


Unsure of what to expect, Detective Robin and her unwanted partner Captain Miranda arrive at the ominous scene of the crime in sunny Bondi Beach, only to witness the gruesome sight of a raven-black mane escaping the suitcase, and crammed inside, the decomposed body of an unidentifiable Asian Jane Doe. Without a doubt, this is a blatant murder case, and once again, a thorough DNA test seems to be the key in the hunt for fresh leads, nevertheless, Robin who is still tormented by wrenching undulating memories of deceit, betrayal and unfulfillment, is impelled to pluck up the courage to finally write an ambitious response to a dear stranger. As a result, a long-awaited and gripping, yet somehow awkward meeting will leave Robin baffled but intrigued, while in the meantime, a rather peculiar and utterly unforeseen finding in the DNA results will give at last a new meaning in life as well as a vigorous thrust in the case.

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Top of the Lake S02E02 The Loved One (01.08.2017)