Criminal Minds

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Criminal Minds S12E07 Mirror Image (30.11.2016)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating7.0 / 10


Tara is meeting with her three year younger brother Gabriel Lewis, who is visiting from California. Gabriel is as equally brilliant as Tara, but has always led a slightly shady life, he having forgone a fully paid for Yale education when given the opportunity when they were younger. The person who shows up to their meeting claims to be Gabriel, has Gabriel's cell phone (which later shows that he has been in the DC area for about a month, which Tara did not know), but looks nothing like Gabriel. However, the man seems to know every small detail about Gabriel, and Gabriel and Tara's relationship, as well as their relationship with their father, Albert Lewis. As such, Tara arrests the man, and brings him into BAU headquarters for assistance into the matter from her colleagues. Although Tara wants to lead the investigation, Emily knows they have to treat this case like all their others, which means that Tara has to take a back seat into the proceedings. From some information provided to ...

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Criminal Minds S12E07 Mirror Image (30.11.2016)