S01E07 Episode #1.7


Jamestown S01E07 Episode #1.7 (16.06.2017)
Naomi Battrick, Max Beesley, Claire Cox
iMDB Rating7.8 / 10


Henry's return with his bags of silver is generally welcomed though Redwick and Farlow want it confiscated for the crown. However Henry persuades Yeardley to keep it, leading Yeardley to admit he has the treasure map stolen from the late previous governor and to contemplate an expedition to the silver's location. Silas also comes back and suggests to Alice they move on whilst Henry is declared a hero for saving Mercy from a fire. Support for him evaporates after Christopher discovers the silver is only antimony and Henry stalks off following a fight with Silas. The fact that the map has been made public also means that Jocelyn has lost her hold over Lady Temperance keeping her secret.

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Jamestown S01E07 Episode #1.7 (16.06.2017)