Man with a Plan

S01E05 Thanksgiving


Man with a Plan S01E05 Thanksgiving (21.11.2016)
Matt LeBlanc, Liza Snyder, Diana Maria Riva
iMDB Rating7.3 / 10


It's Thanksgiving. Adam goes to the school and sees Andi talking to Mrs. Rodriguez. He learns there's a dinner for the kids and someone needs to plan it. Adam is dreading doing it. But Andi says she'll do it. Adam is relieved till he learns Andi doesn't think he can do it. He says he'll do it. His plan has him contacting the other parents and let them bring something. But when he finds out they are not bringing food, he freaks out. On Don's urging he sets out to take the food Andi is preparing for their family dinner. Andi's worried and finds out how well his plan is going and what he is going to do.

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Man with a Plan S01E05 Thanksgiving (21.11.2016)