S01E08 Too Perfect


Bull S01E08 Too Perfect (06.12.2016)
Michael Weatherly, Freddy Rodríguez, Geneva Carr
iMDB Rating6.7 / 10


Bull's ex and Benny's sister, a lifestyle maven is being sued when someone took one of her products died. Now the person died from an allergic reaction. Supposedly the thing that she's allergic to, is not in her product so she's being sued for maleficence. Bull offers to help but it's very poignant for him and Benny. Because the siblings have not spoken to each other in years. Bull learns that one of her staff may have cut some corners to meet some standards which is how the product may have been tainted. But he then takes a look at the victim and learns her husband may have reason to want her dead.

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Bull S01E08 Too Perfect (06.12.2016)