Criminal Minds

S12E09 Profiling 202


Criminal Minds S12E09 Profiling 202 (04.01.2017)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating6.7 / 10


Stephen Walker's first day with the BAU coincides with Rossi's birthday, something he no longer celebrates. It's because a serial killer he helped put away named Tommy Yates aka the Womb Raider - so coined because he mutilated his female victims' reproductive organs along with their vocal cords - made a deal with Rossi that once every year, on his birthday, he would divulge the location of one of his missing victims in return for his death sentence being commuted to life in prison without chance of parole. Yates was one of the inmates who escaped during the mass prison break last year, this the first year he's been out since the deal was made. Yates does contact Rossi today, not to divulge the location of one of his old victims, but of his latest victim, killed following the telephone call. She is Jody Wilson, unlike Yates' other victims who all led a high risk lifestyle. For this case, the team enlists the help of the agents in Rossi's latest advanced profiling seminar - by ...

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Criminal Minds S12E09 Profiling 202 (04.01.2017)