S01E06 Bedside Manner


Bull S01E06 Bedside Manner (15.11.2016)
Michael Weatherly, Freddy Rodríguez, Geneva Carr
iMDB Rating6.8 / 10


Marissa brings them a case of a doctor she knows who's being sued. It seems like a woman went to see the doctor because she was having trouble conceiving and she was told he could help her. But a complication forced to save her life but also would leave her unable to have children. Bull decides to take the case. And at the mock trial he and Benny get into it which shows Bull that he a big ego so he decides to let another lawyer, Liberty Davis handle the case. And everything is evenly matched. Bull then decides to check out a device he was suppose to use but chose not to. Eventually Bull says he needs to be humanized so Benny handles his testimony.

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Bull S01E06 Bedside Manner (15.11.2016)