S01E14 Fish Scaler


MacGyver S01E14 Fish Scaler (03.02.2017)
Lucas Till, George Eads, Tristin Mays
iMDB Rating7.4 / 10


Everybody's on pins and needles waiting for Maddy to evaluate them. But before she can do Mac and Jack she sends them on a mission to locate a man who's wanted by the FBI. She wants them to bring him in because he killed an FBI agent and she fears there could a crooked agent in the Bureau. When Mac and Jack find him some men show up who want to take the man but Mac out wits them and gets away. Later the man claims he was coerced into committing those crimes he's wanted for by a crooked agent. They tell Maddy and she has Riley look into it.

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MacGyver S01E14 Fish Scaler (03.02.2017)