Criminal Minds

S12E11 Surface Tension


Criminal Minds S12E11 Surface Tension (01.02.2017)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating7.0 / 10


Reid has returned from Houston, where he was visiting his mother who is in a new facility on an experimental drug program. He is called back home from the office while the rest of the team heads off on their next case. It isn't until the team is in the air that they learn that Diana is no longer in the Houston facility, but that she is now living with Reid, as the trial drug was not having the intended effect. Reid had received professional advice that his mother should be in a facility both for her and his own good, but it may be news from a more caring rather than clinical voice which may carry more weight with him. Regardless, he makes himself available to the team, who are in the Tampa, Florida area where two individual deaths have occurred, both now considered murders, the two tied together by ink drawings on the inner arms of the victims, the second victim's whose has one more stroke of the pen than the first. The M.E. is able to determine that the markings were made with the ...

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Criminal Minds S12E11 Surface Tension (01.02.2017)