Orphan Black

S05E02 Clutch of Greed


Orphan Black S05E02 Clutch of Greed (17.06.2017)
Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Kevin Hanchard
iMDB Rating8.3 / 10


Rachel, having apprehended Sarah, is able to bring her back to the Dyad headquarters. There, Rachel is able to get Sarah in touch with most of those adults in her life that matter, including Mrs. S., Felix, Art, Alison and Cosima. To Sarah's amazement, they all encourage her to join Rachel under her lead of the project. Regardless of what she may tell her loved ones, Sarah is determined to escape Rachel's clutches and run off with Kira for good, she having to decide who she can and cannot trust under the circumstances. Her task may be more difficult as she learns that one of Rachel's most valued subjects would be Kira, who she has placed under tight surveillance to ensure that Sarah cannot run off with her. Ferdinand and Kira in particular may affect Sarah's plans. Meanwhile, Scott and Hell Wizard are able to flush MK out, she who may prove useful in her cyber-abilities beyond she getting to know and trust her sisters. Alison and Donnie/Helena have no idea where the other(s) is/are. ...

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Orphan Black S05E02 Clutch of Greed (17.06.2017)