This Is Us

S02E03 Déjà Vu


This Is Us S02E03 Déjà Vu (10.10.2017)
Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown
iMDB Rating8.7 / 10


In the 1990s, Jack has been attending AA meetings now for three weeks and although is still sober, not all is right with him and his relationship with Rebecca. Jack still finds it difficult to talk to her - their limited exchanges in the form of cold niceties - and they haven't had sex in quite a while. Based on advice from Shelly, Rebecca decides to take the bulls by the horns and assume the role always taken by Jack and sweep him off his feet in a romantic night out. The evening doesn't go quite the way Rebecca hopes. In Jack and Rebecca's problems, they are unaware that Randall has placed an ad in the newspaper in an effort to locate his birth parents. He has to decide what to do about the one response he does receive. In present day, Kevin has invited Kate onto the movie set for the first day of shooting with Sylvester Stallone, a family favorite actor. Jack's spirit pervades the set this day, and not always in a good way especially for one. And after three weeks of being approved...

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This Is Us S02E03 Déjà Vu (10.10.2017)