Criminal Minds

S12E16 Assistance Is Futile


Criminal Minds S12E16 Assistance Is Futile (15.03.2017)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating7.0 / 10


While the rest of the profilers head off on their next case, J.J. stays behind to do "Reid visiting" duties. Beyond updating him on the status of his situation, she also fills him in on what she knows of the case so as to keep his mind occupied. The team has headed to New York City, where a third dead victim has been discovered, all at the hands of who the news outlets are coining the Bone Crusher for the unsub's penchant for breaking and crushing the victims' bones pre-mortem. All the victims have been young attractive females, well educated and considered low risk. All were picked up at a bar and had both alcohol and ecstasy in their systems. Shortly after the team's arrival, the authorities are approached by a woman named Miranda White, who is certain that the Bone Crusher is her twenty-three year old son, Danny White, who she had recently kicked out of the house. She has written evidence - Danny's journal - which outlines his fantasies of breaking and crushing bones of young women...

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Criminal Minds S12E16 Assistance Is Futile (15.03.2017)