Criminal Minds

S12E20 Unforgettable


Criminal Minds S12E20 Unforgettable (26.04.2017)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating7.4 / 10


Reid's case takes many turns, including his and Lewis' discovery in the cognitive interview that the person in the motel room was not Scratch, but a woman, identifying features about her which he now remembers. This news Lewis is able to pass along to the team to work as a new lead. Another turn is that his trial date has been moved back by six weeks, which Duncan actually sees as a possible blessing in disguise. Reid also receives an unexpected visit in prison, that visit which is bittersweet, but which may have a more direct bearing into his case than he would have imagined. Walker in particular is sidetracked from Reid's case when an old colleague, Sam Bower, the two who worked together undercover in Russia in the BAP, is in hospital on what looks to be a heart attack. However, Walker directly discovers that he was injected with a radioactive toxin which was supposed to mimic a heart attack, the toxin which is now causing internal organ failure. As such, the BAU decides to work ...

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Criminal Minds S12E20 Unforgettable (26.04.2017)