Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

S03E12 Trent?!


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S03E12 Trent?! (09.02.2018)
Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III, Donna Lynne Champlin
iMDB Rating7.9 / 10


By avoiding him, Rebecca has decided to stop having any sort of personal relationship with Nathaniel, she funneling her energies into being a stereotypical lonely old lady. Her alone time is short-lived when unexpectedly Trent reenters her life, he using whatever means at his disposal to become her boyfriend. He has to resort to blackmail, he still having such ammunition on her beyond the information contained in the envelope he gave to Josh before what was supposed to be Josh and Rebecca's wedding. Despite believing that she had truly turned a corner into normalcy, Rebecca feels she has no other choice but to find something with which to blackmail Trent in return. It may be difficult to convince her old partner in crime, Paula, to join her in this venture, Paula who too feels she has turned a corner and needs to be an upstanding citizen as she works her way toward becoming a full-fledged lawyer. Nathaniel, feeling Rebecca's silence and due partly to something he sees in the office, ...

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S03E12 Trent?! (09.02.2018)