White Famous

S01E01 Pilot


White Famous S01E01 Pilot (15.10.2017)
Jay Pharoah, Jacob Ming-Trent, Utkarsh Ambudkar
iMDB Rating5.9 / 10


After a series of successful comedy club performances, Floyd Mooney is presented with a potential opportunity by his agent Malcolm, but he soon finds the opportunity comes with a catch. As Floyd wrestles with his convictions against the need to provide for his son Trevor, his friend Ron surprises him with what may be an even bigger opportunity. This leads to Floyd having a meeting with a well-known public figure, who makes an offer that's hard to refuse. As he weighs a potentially life changing career advancement, Floyd also finds himself attracted to his ex-girlfriend, Trevor's mom Sadie.

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White Famous S01E01 Pilot (15.10.2017)