S02E07 Define Normal


Chance S02E07 Define Normal (08.11.2017)
Hira Ambrosino, Lodric D. Collins, Michael D'Amore
iMDB Rating9.3 / 10


Followed by the ending of the last episode, we found out who Ryan Winters' accomplice is, which is none other than Frank Lambert. In this episode, we have a peek inside the crime duo's past as in Winters and Lambert, who were friends all along from their first ever murder as teenagers. In the present plot, Nicole's problem deepens as another incident broke out during her detention. Chance, who knows nothing of the relationship between Winters and Lambert, starting to raise the latter's suspicions. And danger unfolds, as Lucy keeps getting closer to Winters and the person he really is.

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Chance S02E07 Define Normal (08.11.2017)