Criminal Minds

S13E20 All You Can Eat


Criminal Minds S13E20 All You Can Eat (11.04.2018)
Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook
iMDB Rating6.1 / 10


The BAU is called in by the Center for Disease Control in an expected case of bio-terrorism in Arlington, Virginia, where two people, over the span of twenty-four hours, spontaneously bled to death, the symptoms mirroring the effects of Ebola. The two victims, a divorced female commercial loans officer at a bank and a married male civilian analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency, had peripheral contact with each other which could be the connection in this case. The M.E. determines that the substance with which they are dealing is easily obtained rat poison, meaning that there is probably only one unsub instead of a terrorist organization at play. With a subsequent target, the unit is able to determine that the unsub is targeting the Arlington business community, the analyst the outlier among the victims. They believe the bank is the key to the unsub's rage. Food as a method of attack is important, but it also means that the unsub could easily poison mass amounts of food at a ...

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Criminal Minds S13E20 All You Can Eat (11.04.2018)